Rowland Jones is a performer of the highest standard, making even the most sophisticated pieces seem so easy to play, and always a pleasure to hear.

Heidi Dewhirst

BOO Events

Rowland delighted the crowd at Le Cassis during one of our monthly acoustic evenings. His style is absolutely marvellous, I'm astounded that he has never had a chart-topping track yet!"
Dan Wilcock

Rowland Jones has performed for Papillon Promotions on several occasions over the last few years. He has always been an absolute pleasure to work with on a professional level. In terms of performance I have been fortunate enough to see him as a solo artist, duo, and with a full band set up: each ensemble offering something a little different to the listener. His vast knowledge of music, and years spent honing the craft mean that he has the skill and dexterity to effortlessly adapt to any given type of audience and venue size. His style has its foundations in the old style Blues, but is blended perfectly with a great awareness and understanding of the modern contemporary song and form.

Matt Hibbert

Papillon Promotions

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