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Hi !

Welcome to my new Bandzoogle site. I was using these guys about 10 years ago and I have returned to the fold. It's still in the process of construction so bear with me if it's not totally right immediately.

However it does include my 2020 release - the imaginatively titled 'Rowland Jones - Live'   You can get a preview of the tracks here and you can buy the album from Bandcamp. The price of album is about the cost of two cups of coffee. I'd be extremely grateful if you did purchase a track or two. The current crisis means that gigs are NON-EXISTENT.  And so a little extra in the coffers would not go amiss. Yes, you can get your music from Spotify but the royalties that we get from writing and recording original music are microscopic.

Want to get in touch? Want to know what sort of strings I use? Or what I have for breakfast? OR do you want to offer me a gig in an exotic location for an unfeasibly large sum of cash?

OK the answers are : 

Elixir; Fruit and muesli, and. Yes please!

Hope you like the music, and hopefully we'll meet at a live gig sometime.